Environmental, Social and Governance

The Healthiest Family on Earth

Our core values—health, excellence, integrity, and community—drive every decision we make. Our approach to sustainability is the process through which we meet the needs of today without compromising our ability to meet the needs of the future. Considering this, USANA built our program around three key pillars – People, Planet, and Products.

We strive to create the healthiest family on earth by empowering the individual and embracing our diversity. We understand that healthy bodies need a healthy planet to thrive. We eagerly accept the duties of environmental stewardship, sustainable packaging, and responsible sourcing. Community is at our core. Each day, we look for ways to be better listeners and positively collaborate with our communities. We always strive to improve the well-being of each individual person and place we impact.

By committing to social and environmental responsibilities, we place greater value in our planet, our people, and our business.

USANA Sustainability Report 2022

We provide a high-level view of how USANA operates and manages its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities and other issues important to our business and stakeholders within and outside of our company.

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Sustainability Spotlight: USANA Garden Towers

Sustainability Spotlight: USANA Garden Towers

A Sustainable Way to Serve

Communities are faced with increasing environmental issues that could affect their health and happiness. And the families in these communities are looking for ways to confront these problems. Garden Towers have the potential to do just that. One of the many great aspects of Garden Towers is they can be established almost anywhere-even in urban areas. They attract a variety of flora and fauna, creating a valuable green space that might otherwise be neglected, reduce land value, or be used for illegal dumping or crime.

At a glance, here's how Garden Towers benefit a community's local environment:
  • Improves soil and air quality
  • Increases biodiversity of plants and animals, including bees, insects, and birds
  • Reduces waste through composting
  • Reduces distance required to transport or purchase food
  • Can replace neglected spaces that harm a community's value
  • Creates a natural, green space for people to appreciate and enjoy

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Healthy Bodies Need a Healthy Planet to Survive

By turning our focus on proactive measures to support a healthy planet, we are supporting healthy bodies. Our focus on waste management is centralized around reducing our waste to landfills. We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in various ways and minimizing the environmental impact of our packaging while also creating more sustainable packaging.

2022 Highlights


Of energy use1 at our Salt Lake City Campus was from solar arrays and the purchase of renewable energy certificates.


projects to reduce plastic use in production and help educate on best recycling practices.


Reduction in waste sent to landfills.

The equivalent of

bottles saved from landfills annually.


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at USANA global HQ.

As of May 22, 2023 • Sustainability Report 2022

1 Excludes natural gas.



Investing in Our People

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to help our employees achieve physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, as well as career mobility and collaboration within USANA. We aim for 90% employee engagement and support a globally inclusive community. Additionally, our employees and their families are committed to volunteering over 2,500 hours in 2023, and we invest in initiatives that increase the health and wellness of the communities where we operate to invest in those around us.

2022 Highlights


Employees who have completed our career mentorship program.


Of people in leadership positions identifying as women.


Employee engagement based on global survey of employees.


Meals provided through the USANA Foundation.


Charitable organizations the USANA employees supported in 2022.

As of May 22, 2023 • Sustainability Report 2022



Supporting Good Health and Nutrition

Product quality, safety, sourcing, and access are at the core of our operations. Through enhanced product testing, we provide high-quality, science-based products to the market. Our responsible sourcing practices continue to be in line with our values, goals, and stakeholder expectations. All of this allows us to manufacture high-quality products and make nutrition accessible to more people.

2022 Highlights


Invested in research & development.


Of required employees received current good manufacturing practices training.


Awards won across various product lines.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Created as part of our responsible sourcing efforts.

As of May 22, 2023 • Sustainability Report 2022

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