Growth Strategy

Driven to Grow.
A Strategy to Excel.

Our growth strategy is a multi-tiered approach that takes into account our global presence, our excellent independent sales force, our hard-working employees and our innovative health and beauty products. It’s this approach that allows us to continue further our company’s vision.

Strategic Pillars

Attract and Retain Customers

Our active Customers are central to the growth and success of our business. Accordingly, our primary growth strategy focuses on increasing our overall active Customer counts across the world, with an emphasis on growing our Preferred Customer business. Our worldwide and region-specific initiatives will push this strategy into place.

We host several regional events in key growth areas to provide support and training to our Associates including our Annual International Convention and our Asia Pacific Convention.

Spotlight: Preferred Customer Invitation Program

We sell directly to customers who purchase products only for personal use. This program is our "Preferred Customer" program. More than 50% of our Active Customers are Preferred Customers.


Over the last few years, we have focused heavily on improving our customers’ experience with USANA by offering personalized product lines. 

Spotlight: Celavive® skincare

In 2017, we introduced Celavive® skincare, our innovative skincare system formulated with our USANA InCelligence Technology®. The Celavive® line offers a comprehensive skin care regimen benefiting multiple skin care types and ethnicities, with upgraded science and more noticeable user benefits. We launched the Celavive® line worldwide in 2018.

Product Innovation

Our research and development team continually reviews the latest scientific findings related to nutrition, conducts or manages research and clinical trials, reviews new technologies, and attends scientific conferences.

We continue our investments in product innovation, information technology and infrastructure to further our company vision, continue to improve our customers' experience with us, and facilitate future growth.

Spotlight: USANA InCelligence Technology®

USANA InCelligence Technology® is our patent-pending technology that is designed to support the body's natural ability to nourish, protect and renew itself. Multiple new product lines have been formulated utilizing our proprietary USANA InCelligence Technology® such as USANA CellSentials™ and the Celavive® line.

Market Specific Strategies

Asia Pacific

In light of the strength of our Asia Pacific region and our growing Associate base in Asia, we believe that Greater China is the most significant and imminent growth opportunity for us. Our strategy in this region is focused on generating customer growth in each market, with an emphasis on China. BabyCare, our wholly owned subsidiary and operating entity in China, has been granted licenses to engage in direct selling in four municipalities/provinces. Additionally, in 2016 BabyCare received preliminary approval from the China government to expand its direct selling business into eight additional provinces and/or municipalities.

Americas & Europe

Our objective for our Americas & Europe region remains centered on increasing the overall number of customers who consistently use USANA products. To achieve this objective, we plan to execute a number of strategies in this region, including strategies centered on our new Celavive® product line, social sharing and selling, personalization, and our Preferred Customer initiative.

International Development and Expansion

We believe that significant growth opportunities continue to exist in markets where we currently conduct business as well as in new international markets. We also believe that attractive acquisition opportunities may arise in the future. We intend to pursue strategic acquisition opportunities that would further grow our customer base, expand our product lines, enhance our manufacturing and technical expertise, allow for vertical integration, or otherwise complement our business or further our strategic goals.

International Development and Expansion

Spotlight: Four New Markets

In 2018, USANA expanded into 4 new markets in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Romania. This increased our global footprint from 20 to 24 markets. To leverage and maximize growth in these markets, we are using local management supported by our European regional headquarters in Paris, France.