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Other Assets

Other Assets
9 Months Ended
Oct. 01, 2016
Other Assets [Abstract]  
Other Assets


Other assets consists primarily of a secured loan to a third-party supplier of the Companys nutrition bars and land use rights related to a production facility under development in China.

The Company has extended non-revolving credit to its supplier of nutrition bars to allow them to acquire equipment that is necessary to manufacture the USANA nutrition bars.  This relationship provides improved supply chain stability for USANA and creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the parties.  Notes receivable are valued at their unpaid principal balance plus any accrued but unpaid interest, which approximates fair value.  Interest accrues at an annual interest rate of LIBOR plus 400 basis points. The note has a maturity date of February 1, 2024 and will be repaid by a combination of cash payments and credits for the manufacture of USANA’s nutrition bars.  There is no prepayment penalty.  Notes receivable from this supplier as of January 2, 2016, and October 1, 2016 were $8,339 and $7,099, respectively.

This third-party supplier is considered to be a variable interest entity; however, the Company is not the primary beneficiary due to the inability to direct the activities that most significantly affect the third-party supplier's economic performance. Additionally, the Company does not absorb a majority of the third-party supplier's expected losses or returns. Consequentially, the financial information of the third-party supplier is not consolidated. The maximum exposure to loss as a

result of the Company's involvement with the third-party supplier is limited to the carrying value of the note receivable due from the third-party supplier.


The Company is building a state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facility in China, which is expected to become fully operational by the end of 2016.    As part of this project, land use rights totaling $7,053, and $6,865 as of January 2, 2016 and October 1, 2016, respectively, have been purchased and are being amortized over 50 years.