USANA Long-Time Partner Women's Ski Jumping-USA Teams Up With USA Nordic To Unify And Strengthen US Presence In Competition

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA, The Cellular Nutrition Company, supports the merger of long-time partner Women's Ski Jumping USA (WSJ-USA) with USA Nordic as they continue to unify and strengthen the United States overall presence in the field. By combing the two entities, the U.S. now joins the rest of the sports competing nations with a single Nordic organization to better support its athletes despite their gender. USANA has been a sponsor of WSJ-USA since 2010 and has supported U.S. Nordic combined athletes and 2013 World Ski Championship medalists Bryan Fletcher and Taylor Fletcher since 2011.

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"We have watched and supported these inspiring women for years as they've fought to overcome obstacles for equality to compete in their sport, and we will continue to support these athletes in any way we can as they move forward in their careers," said Dan Macuga, USANA chief of communications and marketing. "We are excited to see what opportunities will arise for all of the Nordic athletes through this union and to see them work side-by-side through February and beyond."

Prior to the merger WSJ-USA has been the primary fundraising organization for the U.S. women's ski-jumping program, whose mission is to support a successful and sustainable team and to grow participation in the ski jumping program by facilitating national development efforts that produce the best women ski jumpers in the world, with an emphasis on character, confidence and courage.

"Being an American ski jumper isn't easy, so to work together overseas can only bring us strength of unity, said WSJ-USA athlete and 2013 World Champion Sarah Hendrickson. "The community in ski jumping and Nordic combined in the states is a small family. It only makes sense to work together as we fight for equality across the sport. Sharing coaches and plans makes sense from all aspects and it excites me for the future."

"As USA Nordic has grown we have invested in programs and opportunities which benefit all ski jumping and Nordic combined athletes from youth programs at the club level to some of the best coaches in the world to support our bid to get American athletes on the podium," said Billy Demong, executive director of USA Nordic and 2010 gold medalist. "Coming together in this Olympic season is the perfect springboard ensuring sustainable financial support and competitive success for all of our athletes."

By combining the two entities, the U.S. now joins the rest of the sports competing nations with a single Nordic organization to better support its athletes despite their gender. USA Nordic looks to promote overall equality among it athletes and its funding levels, fully fund the Women's World Cup team, provide shared resources in sports psychology, coaching, physical therapy and equipment, and strengthen the development of the sports younger members and culture among its newer athletes, parents and communities.

"Success on either side will be shared by all involved which will further foster growth and development on all levels," said Bryan Fletcher, a senior member of the Nordic Combined National team. "The athletes will feed off each other's successes and learn from each other's failures, and in doing so will very much create a unified team mentality."

*The mentioned athletes are either distributors or dedicated USANA product users who have received compensation and/or complimentary USANA products for their partnership with USANA.

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